Getting fired sucks.  Most of the time anyway.  Sure sometimes it’s nice to sit on your ass and collect some government cash for a bit.  I’d say right up til you finally get a date with a hot chick named Marci that you meet in dog training class and when asked what you do for a living on that first date, your response is a stuttering “er, well, right now.  You want to know right now what I do?  like at this instant or well ya know, like, what do I want to be doing?”  (By the way i am sure that’s a run-on sentence but how the hell do I punctuate it?).  Not that that’s ever happened to me.  It did happen to a friend though.

Evidently Lucas feels the same sense of loss for SpongeBob as the firee himself.  I only wish so did the waitress that witnessed my date with Marci.  I mean, my friend’s date.


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