Yea I know it isn’t much but even THAT took me an hour plus and a trip to Lowes for masks and gloves. Got the masks. Forgot the gloves. Back again.

I downloaded the Hudson Body Manual (PDF) as well as the Hudson Factory Shop manual (PDF) and still managed to undo 3 of 4 bolts that had literally nothing to do with removing the seat. On a positive note I got to see what the underneath of the car looks like, and after using an impact wrench on those bolts I think I knocked off about 2 years of rust. Only 66 more to go!

For anyone wondering, how to remove the seats in a Hudson Commodore:
1 – remove the seat cushion. I actually don’t know HOW this was done as it was already removed. Should be an interesting experiment getting it back in.
2 – There are FOUR (4) 1/2 in bolts that hold the seat frame in place. If you are lucky they won’t be seized and a simple deep socket will make short work of it. I spent more time looking for the bolt I dropped than actually removing all four. Still can’t find it.

Put the seats in the truck to take to the upholsterer. Forecast was for dry weather. It’s pouring cats and dogs.

One thought on “Got the seat out

  1. To take the seat cushion out, kneel in the center of the car, and, with hands wide-spread toward the edges of the seat, push down and back on the seat cushion- this will free it from the clips holding it down, and the front will come up when you release. Then just take it out.

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