Man what did I get myself into? I passed on a very cool 1948 Ford with a nice chop, lots of hot rod touches (shaved handles, nosed/decked, frenched this and that). Had decent paint, nice tires and wheels, interior was a bit needy but not insurmountable). It started up, was already clipped with a Camaro to have a 350 small block, power steering and brakes, etc. Instead I opted for the Hudson. No paint, interior completely gutted and smelling of rat pee and 50 years plus of stale air. All the brakes need rebuilding, the wiring is completely gone, the clutch is stuck, no clue about the engine though it does turn over by hand, exhaust is gone, and on and on. Oh and did I say I wasn’t supposed – or interested even – in taking on another major project? I am a bleeping MORON. The garage is now jammed again meaning I can’t get to the motorcycle to finish it to sell to fund the car. The Better Half’s lawn care things are relegated to the back of the garage which doesn’t thrill her. She opened the garage door last night to get a rake and BOOM there was the Hudson, jacked up a foot in the air, it’s headlights staring at her at near eye-level. This will not last long. Once again, Oh Shit.

Now that the whining is out of the way let’s get to the Plan of Attack. We have a new driveway coming in in about 6-8 weeks. What that means is my garage access for the car is going to be going away in 6-8 weeks. So that also means I have to make some serious progress on this in 6-8 weeks. That would be a hell of a task for anyone with talent, time, cash and experience. I have almost none of any of those – which is probably why I made the decision to buy a car I know nothing about. So with that in mind I am trying to break the tasks down into sections that can be handled in small bites as opposed to large chunks that go unfinished.

The Short Term Goal – have a safe car that is clean inside, runs, stops and steers enough to drive locally
Eventually I’d like a nice white tuck and roll interior with maroon piping. Possibly upgrade to disk brakes, rebuild the 8 cylinder, and consider painting it.

Week 1 Goals:

Clean Interior
– remove rugs and 70year melded-to-the-metal jute padding
– vacuum
– clean with bleach or Nature’s Miracle (repeat as needed)
– remove door cards – save for templates
– inspect headliner for holes that mice could have gotten in
– if headliner is savable clean it else cut it out and save it in a baggie for use as a template
– wire wheel floors
– spray floor paint to protect it

– try and free up trans by rotating and adding fluid, repeat

Week 2 Goals:

Brake System
– install new wheel cylinders, brake shoes and springs on all 4 wheels
– Install new master cylinder
– Check to see if brake lines are ok – blow out with air and new fluid
– Replace lines as needed
– Bleed brakes

– try and free up trans by rotating and adding fluid, repeat

Week 3 Goals:

Engine Work
– Install generator and alternator so wires can be run

Rewire Car
– Route wires from new harness
– Get 12 < 6 volt reducers for Fuel, etc
– Swap all light bulbs to 12v
– Remove welded to floor foot switch for hi/low beam

Week 4 Goals:

Engine Work
– Attempt to start engine
– Hook up 2 piece driveshaft

– Clean all 4 wheels
– Spraypaint wheels white
– Get 4 new tires installed
– Replace worn front and rear shocks

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