More like 25 pounds of mouse, rat, chipmunk, squirrel and unicorn poo and nests in a 10 pound bag. Spent an hour last night getting the door card off the passenger side. What a mess. The arm rest was broken so that’s a goner. I wanted to keep some of the door card to make a template but it’s just too nasty. Couldn’t figure out how to get the window crank out so I just cut the material around it for now. Will have to sort that when I make new panels, though for now I will just clean and spray with some Nature’s Miracle and hose off. I filled an entire medium sized kitchen trash bag with nesting material. Just nasty stuff.

Took another 15 minutes or so and hit newly naked door with a wire wheel to knock off any surface rust and animal remnants. I need to focus on the big items – safety, brakes, wiring, get it running – so I can’t get bogged down in decisions about headliner colors and door card patterns. Part of safety is making sure that once someone is actually IN the car that they can breathe safely. So it’s taking me longer than I’d hoped to get this thing cleaned up but it must be done.

On a positive note the floors are in amazing shape. 1 small patch needs to be done in the drivers area which I’d expect anyway. I took a wire wheel to 1 section of the floor in the rear to try and pull up the now permanently-affixed rubber mats that acted as barriers between the floor and the carpet. After seeing how much crud came out of just the passenger door I think I’ll save the rest of wire wheeling the floor until the other 3 sections and the headliner are cleared of all debris. The vacuum got stuck with all the nesting materials so I had to throw the filter away. I guess I have now inherited a wet-dry Vac for the garage as there is no way the Better Half will let that back in the house.

The lower door area of the passenger side door is completely gone. Looks like it’s the biggest area of concern that I can tell. I’m not metal smith but I’ll give it a whirl. I’ve got a hammer, a couple knees, and a ton of stripped Philips screwdrivers. And a MIG. That should be enough. Oh Joy.

Why didn’t I buy that 48 Ford ……………………

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